To do more to help needy children and families in our area — here’s a great and easy way:

Host a Drive!

A number of schools in Washington County hold clothing and warm coat drives during the year to benefit Children in Need.  This is an important source of donations and, if you already donate, we thank you!

However, we can always use more donations.  So, if your women’s group, biking club, service organization, choir, church, book club, quilting club, super heroes club, or other club/group would like to host a drive, please contact Anne Martin, CIN Executive Director 301-671-2014 to coordinate.


What’s involved? 

Step 1 – Pick the type of drive you’d like to host – clothing, shoes, school supplies, new underclothes, toiletries, etc.

Step 2 – Pick a date or range of dates when you can accept donations.   Start communicating the date at least a week or two in advance so people have a chance to get organized.

Step 3 – Pick a location for drop-off.  Make sure that it will be at an indoor area with supervision.

Step 4 – Communication Is Essential!   The more that people know about your drive, the better the results.   Feel free to use one of our Drive Templates:

Clothing Drive

School Supply Drive

Toiletries Drive

Step 5 – Arrange for CIN to pick up your donations OR drop them off to our location in Hagerstown at 131 West North Ave.

Step 6 – Feel great knowing you’ve helped a lot of kids!