Your child’s education is of critical importance.  Kids who go on to graduate high school and attend college or receive training for a specific skill are far more likely to find good jobs, be productive citizens, enjoy a fulfilling life and less likely to fall into poverty, crime, teen pregnancy, and other challenges.

If you are struggling to provide the clothes and supplies your children need to be successful in school, you may be eligible for help from Children in Need.  Please read information below on how Children in Need (CIN) may help you. To be receive assistance, your children must be eligible for the federally funded Free And Reduced Meals program.

Click link below to print out an application for services from Children in Need.

Client Application Form


Client Information Sheet

Effective: January 1, 2015


1. Your child must be a resident of Washington County, MD and eligible for Free And Reduced Meals or attending Head Start.  Bring your “Household Benefits Notification” letter. If you do not have your letter, please call 301-766-2890 at the Washington County Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services Department.  When a parent/guardian signs the Children In Need, Inc. “Client Application Form” they are giving permission to verify each child’s status with the Food & Nutrition Department and the Student Services Department at Washington County Public Schools, Head Start of Washington County or any other school listed on the form.

2. You can visit the center ONCE A MONTH. Our year runs from July 1st through June 30th.  We are open all year round.

3. The center is open for clients on Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am to 12pm.

4. Check in and show a picture ID (Maryland drivers license or Maryland ID preferred).

5. Please keep your information (address, phone number, etc.) current with our office.

6. Infants and toddlers are eligible for clothing only- NO toiletries, socks or underwear.

7. Each month each child that is registered in school and on “Free and Reduced Meals” is eligible for:

• Up to 3 tops & 2 bottoms
• 1 jacket / coat per season / per child (November through February)
• 1 sweater or sweatshirt
• 1 pair shoes (if available)
• 1 hat & pair of gloves (each month November through February)
• 1 dress (girl) or 1 suit (boy)

• Toiletries will be given each month.
• 1 pair underwear, 1 pair socks, 1 undershirt (boys only) will be given each month.
• School supplies September through June: 5 items per family each month. July and August: 5 items each school age child.



1. You must have used the Center AT LEAST THREE TIMES between September 1st and May 31st to be eligible for a voucher.

2. The Board of Directors of Children In Need, Inc. is solely responsible for the Back To School Voucher Program. The Board determines each year whether we will have the voucher program and how much the vouchers will be. No other organization is involved in the process.

You will not be served if you have any school age children with you while schools are in session.