Children in Need depends on the volunteer efforts of many people in our community.   From retirees to teenagers, we find a way to utilize the talents of those looking to lend a hand.  Some volunteers work every day while others volunteer just when big donations of clothing need sorting.  Often volunteers coming looking to help others and find they themselves are the ones to benefit.

Community Volunteers – We have many community volunteers and are always looking for more. The atmosphere is upbeat and we love to tease each other. There are jobs for all skill levels and physical abilities.

Groups and Organizations – We will be happy to provide a speaker for your meetings. We will inform your members of our goals and objectives and explain how your organization can help. We also encourage groups to enjoy a “community service” hands-on project at the Center. This is accomplished by hanging clothes, packing school supplies and lots of other little tasks throughout the year. There are jobs for all skill levels and physical abilities. Please call 301-671-2014.

High School Students – We offer “student service learning hours” for graduation. Please contact us at 301-671-2014 for scheduling.


Click below to print a copy of the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application


A tale of two friends:

Marjie Crammer

Marjie Crammer, office volunteer

Marjie Crammer and Elizabeth Stone met at CIN in 2007.   Both retired librarians, they hit it off as they worked sorting through clothing donations. “I went to a Lions Club meeting where Anne [Anne Martin, Executive Director] was the speaker, ” says Elizabeth.  I figured this is where I should be.  I love the kids.”

Marjie got the idea to volunteer through her church.  “I was new to the area and a friend from church said he was helping at Children in Need.  I thought, ‘That sounds interesting’ and starting volunteering that very day.”   Elizabeth notes, “I met Marjie in socks and underwear.”

Since 2007, they have been helping in their own ways, but both say their favorite part is the people.  They love it when the kids stop into the front office to show them the toys and books they’ve found.   They agree, “we just love the children.”


More Stories:


Debbie Ridenour

Debbie Ridenour sorts clothing for CIN and became a volunteer in 2014. She believes CIN is doing good for the community and points out that the volunteers are like a family.

“I’m on Social Security and disability and I was getting depressed.  I came off two of my medicines since I came here.”  A foster parent, Debbie points out that her 11 year old son loves to volunteer as well and comes to help carry bags of donations when needed.


Volunteer Officers

Capt. Nick Hill, Capt. Michael Merchant, Lt. Sam Norris and Lt. William Wise

When Captain Nick Hill accepted an invitation to serve on CIN’s Board, he says it only took him two meetings to see that he could make a real impact.  He saw several older volunteers trying to make all the pickups and struggling with toting the heavy bags of clothing and decided to see what he could do to help.

In his role with the Department of Public Safety’s Training Academy, he had access to willing volunteers who wanted to help.   Working with Captain Michael Merchant, Lieutenant Sam Norris and Lieutenant William Wise, they utilized Maryland Correctional Enterprises to build blue donation boxes to sit at all correctional facilities in the area and have arranged for capable volunteers from within the academy to help with pickups.   They are hoping to expand the effort to private schools and large businesses.



We thank everyone for their devotion to the children of Washington County and Children In Need, Inc. Without the volunteers we could not accomplish our many goals.