According to the most recent statistics from WCPS, 48.4% of children living in Washington County are eligible for Free And Reduced Meals (FARM).

Compared to the state overall, Washington County residents have $18,000 less per year in median household income, are less likely to own a home, and are more likely to be unemployed and become pregnant as a teen.   One of the most important elements to lifting people up and out of poverty is education.

While children need shelter and food, there are organizations and assistance to meet those needs.  To do well in school, kids need more than a full belly.   Those who don’t have warm coats or who are worried they don’t fit in because they  have shoes with holes are distracted from learning and reaching their potential.   CIN aims to take away those distractions by ensuring that children have warm coats, decent clothing and shoes, along with toiletries for proper hygiene and school supplies to fully participate in class.

Ours is a community with families in need and that means children in need. Our organization aims to stand in the gap and help children grow and become productive citizens.